Pest Control Services

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Perimeter Defense Pest Control Program

Enjoy peace of mind with our Perimeter Defense Pest Control program by Kingfish Pest Control. With regular visits from our experts, your home will remain pest free year-round; we can address any pest control problems early on to prevent damage and headaches.

Perimeter Defense Benefits


Initial inside and outside treatment designed to quickly eliminate pest populations.


Family and pet-friendly solutions backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


Free re-treatments if needed.


No long term commitments and reasonable prices.


Quarterly exterior treatments provide ample protection throughout the year.


Effective pest prevention using only the finest and most environmentally safe products available.

We Will Wipe Out Your Pest Problem

Our team of Pest Professionals will quickly and safely eliminate pests such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, termites, rodents, mosquitoes and more. 
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Family & Pet Friendly

What's your main concern when it comes to using pest control companies for home pest control? Are you wary of the methods that will be used? Are you concerned for the safety of your family and pets after an extermination?

When you hire Kingfish for professional pest control, you can leave those concerns behind. We use only family and pet safe methods to ensure that your home stays free and clear of harmful chemicals. Our indoor and outdoor pest control methods involve cutting-edge technology to ensure safe pest control services that work.

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Commercial Pest Solutions

We specialize in all aspects of commercial pest control including office buildings, multi-family, government, schools, retail, hospitality, food service & much more!
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Pest Control Professionals

Our services include roach, ant, spider, rodent, mosquito, termite, and flea pest control in metro Jacksonville and surrounding areas. We're an award-winning company that provides only the best in customer service. We know pest control is a matter of urgency, and we're ready to work with you to clear out any infestation, large or small. For more information about the best pest control and pest control cost, give us a call today!