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Kingfish Pest Control provides high-quality termite, pest and wildlife control in metro Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding region.

Proud Partner of the Jacksonville Jaguars

Kingfish Pest Control provides high-quality termite, pest and wildlife control in metro Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding region.

We are a Proud Partner of the Jacksonville Jaguars! Read the story in national pest control publication, PCT Magazine, here.

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Kingfish Pest Control: A Team with a Purpose

Kingfish Pest Control is quickly making a name for itself in the Jacksonville pest control arena.

Their team, from management to the certified technicians, is loaded with industry experience. Owner Brian Lunsford has a long history in the industry that dates back to when his father first launched a pest control company in the mid-1980s in Georgia. That gives this relatively young company a leg up in the local market, and they haven't wasted any time in cementing their reputation as a company built on integrity, experience, and top-quality service.

"We have the experience, and we are here to serve this wonderful community of ours," says owner Brian Lunsford.

From Television to Entrepreneurship

Brian began his professional career as a producer with the FOX affiliate in Atlanta. After a few years in the newsroom — while at the same time earning a political science degree from the University of Georgia — he recognized the harsh reality of working in a major television market: late nights in the studio, always on call for when news breaks, and stress. So, after stepping away from television, Brian took a short break — he moved to the Caribbean island of St. John in the USVI for six months — to determine his next steps and eventually found his way into the family business alongside his brother.

Under the leadership of Brian and his younger brother, the small company they purchased from their dad with one employee in 2005 ballooned to a 100-person team by 2019. That same year, Brian and his brother went on to sell the Atlanta pest control division of their company to a well-respected Fortune 500 company that was so impressed with the reputation the Lunsfords had built, that they opted to also purchase the rights to continue to use the name.

Bring the Joy

Thus, Kingfish Pest Control was born in Florida and was immediately built on a strong foundation. Brian and his wife, Kristin, became the sole owners in 2020. They also own a sister company, LunsPro Inspections, in the Jacksonville and Tampa areas. And in 2021, Brian and Kristin became the owners and publishers of Jacksonville Real Producers.

Integrity, reliability, and joy stand at the top of Brian and Kristin's list of values. Their teams often use the tagline: Bring the Joy. This is a testament to their desire to leave every person they interact with — from customers to agents to vendors to each other — feeling happy with the end result of their interaction, no matter how big or small.

"We always try to do things the right way," Brian says. "It seems like our team members truly embrace our core values and follow through with them at a high level on a day-to-day basis."

There are numerous examples of how the Kingfish Pest Control team abides by their values. In 2021, a service technician removed a dead raccoon from a house — only to find two baby raccoons, no more than a couple of days old, alive and still hidden between walls in over 100-degree heat. The Kingfish tech not only safely removed the two animals from the home, but he found them help. They were suffering from malnourishment, so Kingfish Pest Control called a local wildlife rescue.

In the end, all parties were cared for. The homeowner was pleased that the dead raccoon was removed and the babies were saved, and both baby raccoons were nursed back to health. There are countless stories just like this one, and each is a testament to the values by which every member of Kingfish Pest Control's team lives by.

Team Highlight: Brian Wescott, Vice President

Kingfish Pest Control is not only led by owners with tremendous industry experience; Vice President Brian Wescott, who runs the daily operations, has over two decades of industry experience. He worked for Brian Lunsford at the Georgia pest control company and eventually followed Lunsford to his new venture at Kingfish Pest Control in Florida.

"Brian Wescott helped us build a 100-person customer service machine in Atlanta, now he's here with us in Jacksonville doing it again," says Brian Lunsford.

Wescott's pest control experience ranges from sales to service to operations, making him the perfect fit for a position requiring him to wear multiple hats.

"I have always enjoyed my time working for Brian, and he made the offer," Wescott says. "Both Brian and Kristin are exceptional leaders, super supportive, and really visionaries. As entrepreneurs, they are constantly thinking of new and exciting ideas, ways to improve the businesses, and it's exciting to work with people that are challenging their employees in a healthy and constructive way. And having the full support of your owners is always a pleasure."

Family and Future

Brian and Kristin Lunsford have rich lives outside of their work with Kingfish Pest Control. In addition to owning LunsPro Inspections and Jacksonville Real Producers, they are loving this phase of life with their young family. Their kids, Jake and Abby, are now nine and seven, respectively.

"I'm happy the way we are balancing work and parenthood," Kristin says. "We haven't missed any of our children's events. We are grateful for our amazing teams that surround us in all three companies. These talented people allow Brian and me the time freedom to be present every day in Jake and Abby's lives."

As a family, the Lunsfords enjoy going to sporting events and traveling the country. One of their personal goals is to visit all 50 states before their kids graduate from high school.

As Brian and Kristin look ahead, they have tremendous personal and professional goals. And yet, they are quick to remind us that their number one objective with Kingfish is to be known as a reliable pest control company that treats people right.

Kingfish Pest Control recently expanded its credibility in a big way by becoming a 'proud partner' of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Looking ahead, Brian Lunsford says the vision is simple: "Continue to be the most trusted resource for pest control in Northeast Florida."

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Brian Lunsford is owner and CEO of Kingfish Pest Control, based in the Jacksonville, Florida metropolitan area.

Under his direction, he has led his team to numerous customer service awards and fastest-growing businesses lists, including the Inc. 5000 multiple times.

Brian is a graduate of the University of Georgia and resides with his family in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Two Companies, One Mission.

We also offer home inspections by our sister company, LunsPro Inspections. Their home inspections include $100,000 in free warranty coverage and free infrared scan.

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Outstanding Customer Service

We have earned numerous awards for our rapid growth and outstanding customer service. With a mindset toward customer care and technology, our pest control professionals consistently deliver results and convenience to our loyal customer base.

Great to work with and very responsive! Reid was very patience as I had to move my dogs around and answered any questions I had. Looking forward to continuing to work with them.

Brandy B.

Great response time, great prices, and great service. Termite bond process could not have been easier.

Scott P.

I would tell anyone who is dealing with any kind of pest to give Kingfish a call and let them help you. MR REID has been a great help with this prices. He's very good at answering any questions that we have, even with my children.

Adrian S.