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About the Mosquito

Mosquitoes range in size from 3 to 9mm. They have a single pair of wings, long thin legs, and a prominent head. They are dark in color, with some variations of spots and stripes in lighter shades, depending on the species.

Our 3-Step Mosquito Management Process

Ditch the Itch™ by Kingfish Pest Control - Safe, Effective & Eco-friendly

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Source Reduction

Eliminate conducive conditions around property and yard

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Larval Control

Treat standing water and potential water collection areas with larvicide

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Barrier Treatment

Chemical treatment of mosquito harborage areas every 30 days year-round in Jacksonville, FL

Recent Testimonial

From one of our Customers

For four years now, Kingfish Pest Control has provided our home with outstanding monthly mosquito service. Simply put: This company is easy to deal with, does what it says, and most importantly, gets rid of the mosquitoes!

— Recent customer testimonial

Mosquito Control

Our state-registered and experienced technicians use high-impact blowers to combat pesky (and dangerous) mosquitoes.


Proven mosquito control


Family & pet-safe monthly treatments


+90% Reduction rate

Helps protect your family from mosquito-transmitted diseases

What You Can Do

  • Check flower pots and other containers for excess water.
  • Flush out the water in birdbaths and fountains regularly.
  • Store boats, canoes and other objects so that they do not collect rainwater.
  • Rinse off water collecting on back yard trampolines and other items.
  • Keep rain gutters free of leaves and other debris that prevent water from draining.
  • Correct drainage problems in yards and playing fields to prevent rain and irrigation water from pooling for prolonged periods.
  • Fill holes or depressions in trees with sand or mortar.
  • Keep hedges and other hiding places trimmed and open.
  • Repair leaky pipes and outside faucets, and connect open waste-water drains to a sewage system or construct separate sump or leach lines.
  • Keep wading and swimming pools clean at all times.
  • Empty water containers for pets and check livestock watering troughs and tanks.
  • Correct or report drainage problems in ditches along public or private roadways.
  • Keep grass mowed short before, not after treatment.
  • Empty plant saucers as often as possible.
  • Call Kingfish Pest Control!