Ant Pest Control

Ant Pest Control

ant infestation
If you discover a line of ants, there are thousands more where those come from.

Ants are social insects. When you see an ant in your home, there are surely others that will follow. If you discover a line of ants, there are thousands more where those come from, and that's when you need the help of the professionals at Kingfish Pest Control.

At Kingfish Pest Control, we're committed to providing safe and effective pest control. That's why we rely on our Perimeter Defense Pest Control program. Utilizing a system that incorporates earth-based pesticides for use on the exterior of your home, with non-pesticide solutions applied to the interior of your home, we're able to eliminate all ants in the home in a fashion that is deadly to ants but completely safe for all humans and pets.

Our ant control services begin with an initial visit to your home to immediately rid your home of pests. If the treatment is ineffective, we'll return or a re-treatment at no cost to you. Once the pests are removed, we return quarterly to ensure that your home is free from all ants and other pests.

The Most Reliable Pest Control in the Industry

In our efforts to be the best pest control company in Jacksonville, FL, we at Kingfish Pest Control are only satisfied if our customers are satisfied. That's why our work is backed by a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. Our rates are always reasonable, and we never ask for a long-term commitment.

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