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Seeing the occasional spider in or around your home isn’t usually a problem, since most spiders are harmless. However, if you have a large spider problem or dangerous spiders, you need a professional to help you get rid of them. Kingfish Pest Control has decades of experience handling all types of spiders in Jacksonville. Our trained and experienced technicians will eliminate and prevent spider infestations. 

Why Spiders Like Your Home 

There are many types of spiders in Jacksonville and most are not harmful, with the exception of brown recluse and black widow spiders. When finding places to build their webs, spiders are seeking abundant food sources. Since spiders feed on other insects, having another pest problem in the house or yard can actually be attracting spiders to your property. 

Spiders may be drawn to your home for: 

  • Abundant insects inside or in the yard 
  • Trash cans stored outside but not tightly sealed
  • Damp garden beds or piles of wood in the yard that harbor insects
  • Aphids on plants in your landscape beds 

Your exterior lighting may also be attracting spiders and the insects they feed on. You can turn off porch lights to discourage insects from congregating outside. Spiders and other insects are most attracted to bright white lightbulbs. If you still want lighting, you may want to consider switching out your white bulbs for yellow lightbulbs, which are not as attractive to pests. 

Eliminating & Preventing Spider Infestations 

The best way to eliminate spiders is to get rid of their food source with professional pest control service. The Perimeter Defense Pest Control program eliminates spider infestations with as little chemicals as possible. Earth based pesticides are used on the perimeter of the home’s exterior and non-pesticide components are used on the inside of the house to eliminate spiders and other pests with the least environmental impact. 

The initial treatment is effective for killing the spiders and their insect food sources that are currently present in your home. If you have spiders appearing again quickly after the initial treatment, your local pest control specialist will return to provide retreatment at no additional cost. If you want to keep pests away for good, regular pest control service is recommended. 

After the initial service, quarterly treatments for the perimeter of your home are recommended to prevent new infestations and keep your property pest free. In addition, knocking down their webs and sealing the holes and gaps that may be letting them inside can help prevent new spiders from making themselves at home. 

If you need help getting rid of spiders, call (904) 490-7100 for guaranteed quality service.

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If you are having a problem with spiders in Jacksonville and have many webs on the exterior of your house or in the corners indoors, it’s time to call for professional spider control. Our pest control service targets spiders and many of the most common insects they feed on. We offer effective treatments that are completely safe for people and pets to ensure lasting solutions for your pest problem. Our service is backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 

Give us a call at (904) 490-7100 for more information about our spider control service and a free quote.

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