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Turning on a light and seeing a roach or two scurrying for the corners is enough to keep you up for the rest of the night. At Kingfish Pest Control, our state registered technicians offer safe and effective treatments to eliminate and prevent Jacksonville roach infestations. We start with an inspection to locate the ideal areas for precision treatment to rid your home of roaches and regular services to prevent future infestations.

Eliminating Current & Future Roach Infestations 

Cockroaches are more than unsettling. They can pose health risks and spread germs, as they crawl through garbage and sewers and then leave germs on the surfaces of the home and food sources. When they get into your food, it will be contaminated and need to be thrown away. Roaches are also known to trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks in susceptible people. 

Florida is home to many types of roaches, including: 

  • American cockroach 
  • German cockroach 
  • Oriental cockroach 
  • Brown banded cockroach 
  • Smoky brown cockroach 

Professional treatment for a Jacksonville roach problem starts with an inspection of your home and a thorough treatment of the interior and exterior of your home. The products used are effective for killing roaches but safe for people, pets, and the environment. After the initial treatment, quarterly services are provided to maintain the perimeter defense barrier and prevent new infestations.  

Cockroach Prevention 

The most effective way to eliminate and prevent a roach infestation requires treatment to eliminate the pests currently in your home and reducing things that may be attracting them in the first place. Roaches are looking for easy access to food and water, so removing these sources is important for avoiding future roach problems. 

You can help prevent roach infestations by: 

  • Washing dishes right away after use
  • Cleaning up spills to reduce access to moisture 
  • Fixing leaky faucets or pipes 
  • Putting food in tightly sealed containers 
  • Cleaning up spills immediately 
  • Keeping garbage in tightly sealed cans
  • Taking out the trash right away
  • Picking up pet food and water bowls at night 
  • Sealing gaps where roaches may get inside 

If you want to keep your home free of roaches and other pests, quarterly services will maintain your pest free home. After the initial visit, your local pest control specialists will come back again, if you continue to have a problem with roaches between visits. In addition, the technician will find the places where they are getting in and seal up the access points.  

When you need help with roaches and other pests, call (904) 490-7100 for outstanding service from experienced technicians.

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Call for Guaranteed Quality Roach Control 

Kingfish Pest Control offers effective treatment and lasting solutions for Jacksonville roach infestations of all types and sizes. We will find and eliminate the roaches that are currently present in your home, stop new pests from getting inside, and provide regular services to help you avoid pest infestations in the future. We stand behind the quality of our services and work hard to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. 

Get in touch with us today at (904) 490-7100 to schedule a free inspection and estimate for roach control.

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