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Rodent & Wildlife Removal in Jacksonville

Award Winning Exclusion Service 

Have rodents or wildlife invaded your property? Kingfish Pest Control offers comprehensive removal and exclusion services for rodents wildlife in Jacksonville. Whether you have rats, squirrels, bats in the attic, or other wildlife making themselves at home, our skilled and experienced technicians will get them out and prevent new infestations with effective exclusion services. 

Rodent & Wildlife Exclusion Services 

Getting rodents and wildlife out of the house is only part of the job. If you don’t find the places where they are getting inside and seal up their entrances, new visitors will just move in after the current animals have been removed. Once the animals are gone, the affected areas will need to be cleaned and exclusion methods used to prevent reinfestation. 

Effective wildlife exclusion includes creating barriers to prevent rodents and wildlife from accessing your property in search of food, water, and shelter. This may involve repairing openings and blocking holes the animals are using to get inside and removing source of food, water, and harborage from your property. 

Get Help with All Types of Rodents & Wildlife 

Our area of the country is home to a variety of rodents and other wildlife. Unfortunately, Jacksonville rodents wildlife can cause significant property damage when they are gaining entry into your home and building their nests. They can chew through your building materials, make a mess with their nests and droppings, and some types of rodents can spread disease to humans and pets. 

Common wildlife trouble in our area is caused by: 

  • Rats – When rats move in, they can contaminate food sources, spread disease, and create a mess with their nests and gnawing. Norway rats and roof rats are the most common rats in our area of the country. 
  • Mice – The most common types of mice in our area include the deer mouse, house mouse, and cotton mouse. They come inside looking for food and water and breed rapidly, so large infestations can happen in a matter of months. 
  • Squirrels – Watching squirrels run up trees or scamper through the park is delightful. Inside the house, they are less than delightful. Squirrels chew constantly, so they can cause damage to your walls, insulation, and cause electrical fires or water damage, if they chew through wires or pipes.  
  • Raccoons – Raccoons often nest in sheds, attics, crawlspaces, garages, and under porches or outbuildings. They are smart and great climbers, so they can be resourceful about creating homes near good food sources. They are often attracted by bird feeders and other food sources on your property. 
  • Bats – Your attic provides a great roosting spot and a dry, safe place for bats to raise their young. While bats are essential to a healthy ecosystem, the bats and their droppings can create unsanitary conditions and spread disease. 

Some rodents are active at night and all are adept at hiding from humans, so you may notice signs before you actually see rodents or wildlife. If you hear scurrying or scratching noises, see chew marks, droppings, or it looks like something was poking around the kitchen, call a professional for an inspection. 

Please contact Kingfish Pest Control today at (904) 490-7100 to request assistance with rodents or wildlife.

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Call for an Inspection 

If you have rodents or wildlife in Jacksonville, the rodent control professionals at Kingfish Pest Control offer a free home inspection. We will provide a thorough inspection to identify the type of wildlife, where they are nesting, and how they are getting inside your house. We offer free estimates for wildlife exclusion services to provide a lasting solution. 

Get in touch with us at (904) 490-7100 to schedule an inspection.

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