Termite Control in Jacksonville 

The Problem with Termites  

Termites are a major issue in Florida because of our warm climate and the abundance of wooded areas near and inside our cities and towns. 

Where you can find wood, paper, and other plant-based materials, you are also likely to find termites. They can eat through walls, foundations, insulation, electrical wiring, and wood furnishing. 

This can lead to a whole host of problems from structural deterioration and decreases in property value to food contamination. 

Every year infestations cause millions of dollars of damage to commercial and residential properties alike. 

Choose Us for Effective Termite Control 

To stay termite-free, turn to the most trusted company for termite solutions in Jacksonville, Kingfish Pest Control

Because we are locally owned and operated, we understand what it takes to fight and prevent infestations in our area. Since 1984, we have been helping property owners of all kinds take care of even the most complex and serious situations. 

Contact us today at (904) 490-7100 schedule an inspection and let us get to work restoring the joy you feel at your property. 

Protect Your Home with Regular Termite Inspections

One of the best ways to prevent termite infestations and protect your home is to schedule regular termite inspections with Kingfish Pest Control. 

Our experienced technicians will thoroughly evaluate your home for any signs of termite activity and recommend the best course of action to keep your property termite-free.

Termite inspections can:

  • Identify early signs of termite activity before it becomes a major problem
  • Reduce the risk of costly termite damage to your home
  • Provide peace of mind knowing your property is protected

At Kingfish Pest Control, we use advanced technology and techniques to ensure that your home is protected from termites. Contact us today to schedule a termite inspection and protect your home for years to come.

Commonly Asked Questions

What are the common signs of a termite infestation?

Common signs of a termite infestation include discolored or drooping drywall, sagging wood floors, hollow-sounding wood, and mud tubes on walls or foundations.

What areas in Florida are prone to termites?

Termites are prevalent in all regions of Florida due to its warm climate and abundance of wooded areas. Areas near cities and towns where there is an abundance of paper and plant-based materials are especially prone to infestations.

Are termites harmful to humans?

Termites do not pose any direct harm to humans. However, they can cause significant damage to homes and buildings by eating through walls, foundations, insulation, electrical wiring, and wood furnishings.

How much damage can termites cause?

Termite infestations can cause millions of dollars in damage each year to commercial properties as well as residential properties.

What should I do if I suspect a termite infestation on my property?

If you suspect a termite problem on your property it is important that you contact a qualified pest control professional as soon as possible for an inspection. Ignoring the problem could lead to further structural deterioration and more costly repairs down the line.

Sentricon Termite Solutions 

Sentricon is scientifically designed and proven to provide the utmost protection against subterranean termites. 

The way it works is simple. We perform an inspection to locate problem areas, then strategically install feeding stations. At these locations, termites will feed on bait that is 10 times more enticing than wood and take it back to the colony. 

Noviflumuron, an active ingredient in the bait, prevents termites from molting, causing them to die. Over time, this process eliminates the entire population and their queen, leaving your property free from the problems and hassles of an infestation. 

Do not let persistent, destructive termites intrude on your property. With our help, the long-lasting advantages of Sentricon can be yours. 

Sentricon vs. Fumigation

While fumigation can be effective, Sentricon is a longer-lasting solution. This is because it is not a one-time service, but instead, a system that works over days and weeks to thoroughly eliminate termite populations. 

With Sentricon, you never have to worry about scheduling repeat treatments, as it only requires an annual checkup. Not only that, but it is proven to be safe around animals, and it does not have adverse environmental impacts. 

Sentricon won the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and countless commercial and residential property owners have trusted it to keep their structures termite free. 

Learn more about this innovative system by visiting our Sentricon page.

Call (904) 490-7100 or connect with our team online.

Crowned with Quality

Our Promise to You
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  • Personalized Approach to Pest Control
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Liquid Treatments 

We have been in the business of termite control for decades and are well-equipped to prevent and eliminate an infestation through traditional liquid applications

For these routine treatments, we use Termidor termiticides, which offer some of the industry’s best protection. 

For construction projects, we can also perform borate wood or liquid slab treatments to prevent termites from ever wreaking havoc on your new building. 

How Often Should You Treat for Termites in Florida?

Florida homeowners must treat termites regularly. Professionals suggest scheduling inspections and treatments every one to two years, depending on the infestation severity and treatment type. 

Taking preventative measures can save money by avoiding termite damage. A proactive approach to termite control protects homes from these destructive pests.

Do Not Risk Property Damage—Act Fast

Termites reproduce quickly, and a single infestation can easily spread over a large area in a short period. 

Termites not only multiply fast, but they can do serious damage to a property at an alarming rate. 

If you notice signs of an infestation, or if you suspect that you have a problem, act right away. Doing so can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and more. 

Your property is one of your most important investments—trust our experienced team to protect it. 

For termite solutions in Jacksonville, call (904) 490-7100 or fill out our online contact form.

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