Mosquito Control in Jacksonville

Family & Pet Safe Monthly Treatments 

The state registered and experienced technicians at Kingfish Pest Control use proven methods and high-impact blowers to combat mosquitoes in Jacksonville. Our mosquito control treatment helps protect your family from mosquito transmitted diseases, so you can enjoy the outdoors again. 

Safe & Effective Mosquito Control 

Mosquitoes are challenging to eliminate and their presence causes more than itchy welts. These pests feed on human and animal blood and may transmit diseases to people and pets. Mosquitoes breed quickly and reducing their presence requires the right knowledge and proven treatment methods. Your local pest control specialists offer safe, effective, and eco-friendly treatments for the reduction of Jacksonville mosquitoes. 

Our effective three step process for mosquitoes includes:

  • Source reduction – This step involves locating and eliminating conditions around your yard and property that are conducive to mosquito breeding. 
  • Larval control – A larvicide is used to treat standing water and water collection areas. This helps stop mosquitoes at the larval stage. 
  • Barrier treatment – Mosquito harborage areas are treated with safe and effective products. This can be repeated every 30 days to help keep your yard free of mosquitoes. 

After the initial treatment, repeating the barrier treatment every 30 days will help prevent new mosquitoes from making themselves comfortable on your property. Professional pest control technicians are trained and equipped to reduce your mosquito population by 90% or more. 

Making Your Property Less Attractive to Mosquitoes 

In addition to regular mosquito control services, it is important to take steps to reduce the breeding and nesting sites on your property. Mosquitoes can breed in standing water, even a small amount, so eliminating all sources of standing water is an essential part of reducing the presence of mosquitoes on your property. 

Steps you can take to reduce mosquitoes include:  

  • Checking containers for standing water 
  • Flushing out and cleaning birdbaths and fountains 
  • Regular gutter cleaning to remove leaves and debris 
  • Checking and fixing any drainage problems 
  • Filling in holes 
  • Trimming hedges and shrubs 
  • Repairing an outdoor plumbing leaks 
  • Keeping the grass mowed 
  • Emptying and removing old pots and other containers that collect water

When your pest control specialist comes for mosquito control, you will be advised of any specific areas or features of your property that may be providing ideal breeding or resting sites for mosquitoes. A combination of removing sources of water and overgrown areas that provide harborage and treating the yard is the most effective way to get the results you want. 

Take back your outdoor areas with quality mosquito control from Kingfish Pest Control. Call (904) 490-7100 to schedule service.

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If your property is plagued by mosquitoes in Jacksonville, we encourage you to contact us for safe, eco-friendly, and reliable mosquito control. Our qualified and experienced pest control specialists use proven methods, pet and people friendly products, and precision barrier treatments to help protect your family from mosquito borne illness. 

Take the first step to a mosquito free yard by calling (904) 490-7100 for a free estimate for mosquito control.

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